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Go Ahead, Give In to the Top Ten Lists

I love the end of the year articles about the top ten movies of the year, or top ten books, and also  the New Year predictions like “12 trends to watch in 2017”.  Every year during the holidays, I find … Continue reading

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Leadership without Authority

I’m reading “Leadership and the One Minute Manager,” by Ken Blanchard. The book discusses “situational leadership,” which essentially means that a manager’s leadership style must vary depending on the competency of the person being managed.   As I was reading the … Continue reading

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Titles ARE…..Important

Every organization uses job titles as a way of describing the contribution of an individual employee. Titles are important within an organization for employees to understand their role and their relationships with other employees. But titles are often meaningless outside … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Project Managers from a Business Analyst

RE: We Don’t Want Your Job! I think I speak for most business analysts when I say, we love business analysis work, we love being part of a project team, and we love the fact that YOU are running the … Continue reading

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Are You an Effective Leader?

With the continued demand for business growth in a rapidly evolving marketplace, leadership plays an important role in an organization’s development and change. But what makes a good leader? It’s an important question and one we think about often throughout … Continue reading

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Servant Leadership Requires Discipline

Servant leadership is one of the critical success factors in agile approaches to product development. The behaviors associated with servant leadership are not new, but they are very difficult to implement. One aspect of servant leadership is the ability to … Continue reading

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